New Video: Meg Myers – Monster

Photo: Meg Myers

Meg Myers has one of the most interesting voices I’ve ever heard. She’s amazing! Check out her new video for “Monster”:

Here’s an article from Nylon Magazine about her:

You don’t want to mess with Meg Myers. With her delicate features and flowing hair, it’s possible to dismiss this Los Angeles-by-way-of-Tennessee musician as another pretty pop star, but that all changes as soon as you listen to her music.

Want proof? Take her new single,”Monster.” The song begins sweetly enough, with Myers’ soulful voice and guitar accompaniment, but it’s not long until that trademark vengeful edge creeps in and the track takes a nightmarish turn.

With a dynamic sound that reminds us of the love child of Sinead O’Connor and Linkin Park (go with us here…she’s already won accolades from Mike Shinoda),

read more…

Here’s a free download of her songs “Monster”, “Adelaide”, and “Poison”.

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