New Year’s Resolutions: do they always fail?

These days, we all make our commitments about things we want to do or change when the new year arrives. Those might be to get better grades, to lose weight, to fall in love, to clean your room every week, to get a job etc. Through those years of my existence on Earth, I’ve noticed that most of them fail to be achieved. Why, doctor?

I have one simple answer: The initial excitement for the new year (aka new life) fades and we return to the cruel everyday life. It happens every time! You have to be really determined to turn the tables and live a new life, which is rare. It’s ok to have ambitions and dreams about the new year, it’s the spirit. However, don’t complain if those are not fulfilled! Think about it.

So, reading all that you can answer the title’s question, right? Wrong! Yes, I know I confuse you but there are exceptions! For example, I know a kid from school that was fighting with cancer for 2 years and his resolution for 2011 was to get over it. Guess what? He did it and now he lives happy and healthy!  If you’re willing to make your resolutions reality, you will.

That was all I had to say to you, readers! Thanks a lot for reading this post. I hope the year that’s one foot in will bring you happiness, success, prosperity, love and whatever you wish. Keep smiling and hold onto your faith for life. Happy new year!

P.S. Seize the day or die regretting the time you’ve lost!

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