Great LEGO Christmas Tree Unveiled in London!

Image courtesy

Awww, I want this at home!!! Where can I get those elementary children? Wait a minute…I have nephews!

Dear “Designboom”, you’re a great website, but who stole your capital letters?

a giant christmas tree has just been unveiled in london’s st. pancras station for display through the 2011 holiday season…but unlike the iconic installation in new york’s rockefeller plaza, london’s tree is composed not of pine needles and bark but hundreds of thousands of LEGO pieces.
spanning 10-meters tall, the project utilizes 600,000 LEGO bricks to compose 172 branches. 1200 christmas balls, also composed of LEGOs, were assembled by elementary school children before being hung from the sculpture.
located in the main arcade of the station, the christmas tree took over two months to construct. various treasure hunts and other competitions centered around the tree offer a fun interactive component for children and other visitors.


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