Pic of the Day: Dabs & Myla X Remi/Rough

Photo: Remi/Rough

About two weeks ago, Remi/Rough collaborated with Dabs&Myla and this awesome mural is the result. Well done, guys!
I hate that I miss so many news because of my exams. I totally lost track of Remi/Rough, one of my most favourite artists, and did some catching up today by reading his great blog. Check it out!
Also remember that in a few weeks it’s Art Basel Miami time! Woohoo! I’ll try to do a “Special Art Post” about it, like last year, but I can’t promise anything because of my exams. Sigh. My next exam, a written one this time (thank God), is about Alexander the Great. Right after I have to start writing my thesis with the ground breaking topic: “The relationship of Marcus Antonius and Octavian in the years 44 and 43 B.C.”. Yes, my life sucks. I have to hand in the thesis on March 31, so my next post will be on April 1. Just kidding… At least, when I’m done with my exams, I’ll be a great unemployed Historian! Yay!

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