Happy Halloween With Ten Creepy Musicvideos

Here are the creepiest 10 videos I’ve ever seen. Happy Halloween!

1. Florence + The Machine – Heavy in your arms

The video of Florence’s contribution to the Twilight Soundtrack is super creepy with her looking like the latest victim of Ted Bundy. Also don’t forget to buy her new album “Ceremonials” which is out today in the UK and tomorrow everywhere else…I think.


2. Skunk Anansie – Charlie Big Potato

This isn’t only one of the most scariest videos every, but also the song that really made me addicted to Skunk Anansie’s fantastic album “Post Orgasmic Chill”. I have to mention that I used to only listen to R&B and Hip Hop music when the album came out and Skunk Anansie & Placebo where the first rock bands I’ve listened to. Well, what can I say, I was young and dumb.

3. Die Ärzte – Junge

This one goes out to all my German readers! And the rest, too, if you like it! 😀 First of all I should mention that the video is pretty gory, so don’t watch if you aren’t into that kind of stuff. Die Ärzte are probably the most popular German punk band with numerous #1 albums and singles and they are just awesome! The lyrics of “Junge” are so hilarious, check out an english translation here!

4. Rihanna – Disturbia

Rihanna as the queen of the mad house, I knew this would happen someday! She definitely rocks the Halloween look with creepy eye lenses and fake hair.


5. Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave – Where the wild roses grow

Probably one of the spookiest videos ever made and also one of the greatest collaborations ever! In the video and song for “Where the wild roses grow”, Nick Cave’s character lives out his dark fantasies with Kylie ending up in a lake as dead as a mouse. So it goes.


6. System of a Down – Aerials

What’s more creepy than a creepy little boy with a weird head? Nothing.

7. My Chemical Romance – Helena

MCR’s “Helena” is the perfect Halloween video! We got a funeral and a spooky lady ghost dancing around. It can’t get any cooler than that!

8. Katy Perry – Thinking of You (Original Version)

Actually this next video isn’t scary at all, still it’s interesting how the lame pop video turns into a bloodbath in the end. Sadly Katy shot a new video for the song when “Thinking of you” was released again. Epic fail.

9. Skrillex – First of the year

Skrillex video for “First of the year” is probably one of the coolest videos out there! I don’t wanna meet this kid at night, though…or during the day. I don’t wanna meet the guy either. Actually I’m pretty happy that this is only a music video.

10. Lady Gaga – You and I

I think Lady Gaga just took Marylin Mansons #1 spot as the creepiest person in the universe.

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