Quick update!

Adie will not be able to post for a while and so, you’ll have to read of my stuff for a while! I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and leave a comment! I’m an aspiring sports journalist so expect a lot of sport stuff here!

If you have something to say or you want to make a guest blog post, contact @AdieK84 on Twitter and ask for details or read this!

Until then, let’s listen to brand new stuff – David Guetta ft Usher – Without You just premiered!

P.S. Adie will be back soon, don’t worry! 

One thought on “Quick update!”

  1. Hey guys! Good news are that my PC which totally broke down yesterday, is repaired now! Surprisingly I was able to find the issue and resolve it myself. So I won’t be totally absent here. Still, I’ve got several really important exams coming up so that I might have longer breaks between updates cause I just don’t have the time for research and for editing longer posts. I’m really glad that Antigoni helps me out and you’ll get some more diversity concerning the content of the blog! Thanks, Antigoni!

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