Fan Review: A Golden Ticket To Rock Allegiance With Papa Roach, Puddle of Mudd, P.O.D. & more

Review of the Rock Allegiance Tour, September 21, 2011 in Colorado Springs by Nichole Portales

I traveled to Colorado Springs, Co for the Rock Allegiance Tour which is an hour away, so we had to leave at 2:00pm in order to make VIP check in at 3:15. The person that checked us in was right on time. I went to go pull out my id and he didn’t even check it. He said, Oh, you’re the golden ticket girl. (I won a “Golden Ticket” last year which entitles you to VIP at any show until end of 2013, all you have to do is register in advance) So he gave me the VIP dog tags instead of laminates, as that is what they were using for this show. Those things were really cool, but they were heavy that they clanked really loud, so everyone knew you were coming by.

We stood outside for a few minutes, and then we were taken inside to meet with Papa Roach. As I walked through the halls, there were plaques from shows from the past. Being a Linkin Park fan, I noticed a Projekt Revolution plaque from 2002 and a photo titled “Tunes for Next Generation” which was signed by the band.

We got to the meeting area and it was kind of a bar area and place with a podium, which is where the guys were hanging out, making jokes on the microphone. At the meet and greet, you get one on one time with the band ( that isn’t rushed at all), photo, signed poster, set list, and you can bring additional things to sign, whatever you want, plus you get front line access. I walked up for my one on one with them and I was immediately greeted with hugs from all the guys.

Tobin called me by my name and we all talked about the last time we met, which was 4 months ago at a Denver show. Also, Jacoby was listening to MCR on his ipod and said it was one of their newer songs. I had them sign a picture that I had taken while I was at Linkin Park Underground Headquarters (Review of Nikki’s trip to the LPUHQ). It was a Papa Roach plaque for their song, Getting Away with Murder”. Jacoby read the writing on the picture and said it was presented to Jessica Bardas, who they used to work with a long time ago. Tony actually wasn’t in the picture, because he wasn’t part of the band at that time, so he asked me if he should sign it. I said yes, anyways. Then we talked about the tour overseas with Julien-K this year. They said they have been friends for a while and they had a lot of fun. They have no plans to do another tour with them in the future. I told them I would love it if they did 🙂

We took a picture and Jacoby told me to go up and pretend im saying something into the microphone. I tried to do that but he was so distracting, all I could do is smile. I think only Tony had a normal reaction in that picture. Then they all gave me hugs again and they said see you next time. As I was stepping down, Tony handed me a box of balls and asked me, if I wanted to touch his balls and that he couldn’t resist. Gotta love their perverted humor, but they really are nice and fun guys.

Afterwards, they let you go back out to your car, to drop off your stuff and then the coordinator will meet you in front of the door for front line access. By the time we made it to the stage area, the opening bands had already started. Soon the band Red, took the stage. They were really good. The vocalist had a lot of energy and was constantly jumping around the stage. I really enjoyed their set even though I only knew a few of their older stuff, but now im more interested in the new music.

After their set was P.O.D. This was my first time seeing them perform. They played a lot of older popular songs but nothing extraordinary. It sounded kind of like studio songs and let the crowd sing the chorus. But overall it was a decent set. Next was Puddle Of Mudd. They played a lot of their older hit songs, which made it fun, but I’m not sure if it was just the sound system there, but the vocals seemed really muffled, almost like it was karaoke.

The next set was Papa Roach and in my opinion the best set by far. They had the backdrop covered, so when they made their entrance on to the stage, the curtain dropped and you could feel all the energy from the band and excitement from the crowd. They had a very powerful set. Every song was full of energy and the character they present on stage. Everyone in the crowd was into the songs. During Enemy, Jacoby went out into the crowd. He went up the aisle and asked some kid if he was having a good time, then he jumped down and went along the whole venue, shaking people’s hands. There was a small crowd that followed him as he did this. One girl ran up to him and gave him a hug, and he kept going like he was so carefree and having a good time. During One Track Mind, Jacoby rolled around on the floor in parts of the song. They always give 100 percent on stage and it is always observable. Amazing doesn’t even cover their performance . Shortly after Buckcherry closed out the show.

All pictures in courtesy of Nichole Portales. If you steal them, you suck.

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