Art Show: Dylan Egon – Home of the Brave at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Dylan Egon’s work is so great! You have to check out his first solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (New York), running since September 10, through October 8, 2011. Here’s some more information:

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Home Of The Brave, new works by Dylan Egon, in what will be his first solo exhibition at the gallery. and largest to date.

“Sites of cultural compression, fetishization and wonder.” — Benjamin Genocchio, The New York Times.

Egon has a background in Anthropology, Archeology and Film production. Presently, he works in the field of tabletop design and product styling of commercial photography for luxury fashion editorial and advertising clients. For the past several years, Egon has created personal artwork for himself incorporating his collections of objects. Much like the late Joseph Cornell, Egon’s work was not originally intended for exhibition. Egon possesses a tremendous knowledge of design history, a deep nostalgia for Americana as well as a profound respect and appreciation for fine craftsmanship as a form of artistry. He draws upon his expertise in the history of fashion and functional object design when creating fine art.

Home Of The Brave features several works comprised of assemblage, in which each object carries significance on its own, as well as in relation to other objects in the piece. One such work, titled Modern American Tomb, includes a classic Coca-cola bottle, Jack Daniels whiskey, Marlboro cigarettes, Adidas sneakers, Leica camera, Fender guitar, Colt 45 pistol, Rolex watch, a copy of the Bible, and several other objects, all surrounding the silhouette of a full-scale male skeleton formed out of pressed brass.

In addition to large assemblage works, the exhibition includes a number of mixed media sculptures and screen-printed works on panel. Themes include American values, military, fuel, corporate branding, production and consumption. Repetition, numerology, currency and measuring instruments like rulers convey concepts of value and the passage of time. Pop-culture references range from fashion, film, musical and historical figures such as Native American Comanche Chief Quanah Parker and the iconic American Astronaut. Continuing his exploration of art and commerce, the artist has also designed multiples such as custom printed t-shirts and hats, which will be available in limited editions, and released in conjunction with the exhibition.

Dylan Egon was born in 1966 in New York City and is currently based in Jersey City, NJ. He studied Anthropology and Archeology at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. He later studied Film at City Tech University in New York and worked as a Production Assistant. Egon currently works in tabletop design and product styling of commercial photography for luxury fashion editorial and advertising clients. His personal artwork combines his talent in assemblage, love of objects and extensive knowledge of the history of design.

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