Fan Review: A Tour of LPU Headquarters and Linkin Park’s Secret Show For Japan

A Trip to Linkin Park Underground Headquarters and Linkin Park’s Secret Show for Japan in Los Angeles by Nichole Portales

As you know I won a trip to LA for a referral contest that I won back in 2009. I arrived In Los Angeles on Tuesday night.
Adam from LPU basically took us everywhere we needed to go so of course he picked us up at the airport and greeted me with a hug. He took us out to eat at a mexican restaurant which was awesome then dropped us off at the hotel after he helped us get checked in. Then we pretty much just hung out there for the remainder of the night.
They put us up at the Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood which is one of the most famous hotels in Hollywood. That night they had a pool party with a DJ, so we hung out there, and our room had a mini bar packed with everything you could think of so we had a blast at the hotel.

The next day, Adam picked us up at noon and took us out for lunch at a cafe near his place, which was also near the office so it worked out.
Then we went to the Linkin Park Underground Headquarters and that was probably the highlight of my trip. We got to take pictures of everything including the walls and plaques.
The most amusing was three sections of old Polaroids from everybody that had visited the office. Then they kept bringing us stuff to take home. We ended up leaving with a huge box of LPU, such as shirts, cds, stickers, old laminate passes, drumsticks, A Thousand Suns posters, Reanimation posters, signed DBS posters, Hybrid Theory(the band) cd and shirt, Hybrid Theory vinyl album, and wristbands. Basically we got to go through everything and take what we wanted or didn’t have already.
I also talked to Stephanie about ideas for LPU11. They explained what they are working on for the cd and extras but it hasn’t been confirmed by the whole band yet, though, so can’t elaborate. Just being there was enough of an honor for me. Then we had to leave for the secret show because Adam and Stephanie had to work it.

Linkin Park’s Secret Show For Japan

We arrived at the show about 3pm and there were already people lined up. Since we had a M&G, I didn’t find it necessary to wait in line, so we wandered around the area downtown until about 6pm and doors started at 5:30 but since everybody’s ticket were on will call, it took a while to get everyone in.
They had vending trucks with Japanese style food outside the venue. While waiting in line, I noticed that Mike came out the side door with one of their staff members and got in a vehicle and left momentarily. Maybe to run an errand or something, but Mike was driving.

Then a few members from the Japan Press asked if they could interview us, so we just talked about the B’z and Linkin Park. I didn’t know much about the opening band but I did my best to make it sound like I did. When we finally got checked in, we got the physical ticket, a laminate pass, and a ticket to get water and food as they were catering for this show. Then we went to check out the auction items. There were some Linkin Park plaques as well as some B’z merchandise that were part of the silent auction, although I’m not sure how much they went for, as it was probably announced while in the back for the M&G.

We stood at the side exit and waited for the M&G for about an hour, so of course didn’t get to see much of the opening band.
There were roughly 50+ people attending the M&G, so it was pretty crowded in the M&G area. The band members were really in good spirits and talkative. I had brought a Hybrid Theory promo banner so when I brought it up Brad asked me right away where I got it from and Chester remembered from last time and wasn’t quiet about it.
Overall good M&G and then Mike gave a speech thanking everybody who donated. Then we went back out to the floor and they started shortly after.

They played the instrumental song that Mike recorded for Japan relief which I thought was going to be the opening song but then they opened with Cure for the itch which was awesome.
Smoke poured out onto the stage as Joe did his thing. The smoke was pretty heavy even during Faint which was the next song. Great energy on this song. Some of the slower songs like Iridescent and Burning in the Skies, it was kind of hard to hear Mike. He was really soft. I think he was saving his energy because he killed it on the more fast paced songs such as Papercut, One step Closer, In the End.
Mike switched it up a bit during In the End and in fact the security nearly plowed me over trying to keep up with him. First he went to the back of the venue to then to the crowd in the front but he had a smile nonstop. You can tell he enjoyed himself and he said he hadn’t done that since 2003.

Chester came out to the crowd in Numb and went along the whole front on the barrier. Also during Bleed it out, Mike came out briefly to the crowd in the front and shook people’s hands.
After the encore break, they came out and presented a check that was signed by everyone at the show and Mike and Chester talked shortly about the donations. Then they played the Messenger which was fitting. Ended with One step closer, that song had incredible energy and you could feel it in the whole room. It was amazing.
It was very clear that not only did the band have a great time but also the fans and the crowd. It was completely an unforgettable performance. Mike and Chester came out in the front and shook everybody’s hand after the show. So awesome!
After the show, people were handing out show posters and From the Inside books for free to people exiting the concert. I helped out with that and then when everyone was done, Adam gave us a ride back to the hotel.

The next day they had a lot going on as far as rehearsing for the Asia tour so we were pretty much on our own but they arranged for a shuttle to take us to the airport. In fact the whole trip, they took care of us so well that we barely had to spend any money. It was amazing the kind of hospitality that they provided to us. I was thankful to not only Linkin Park but everyone on their staff that helped give us such an incredible experience. I am truly grateful 🙂

Adie Note: Nikki made tons of pictures from the LPU Headquarters (Plaques, Polaroids, etc.) and the fundraiser show. Check them out!
Thanks to Nikki for sharing this great experience with us! I wish I could have been there! Reviews like this just prove how awesome Linkin Park and the LPU team are.
Nikki made some more videos at the show:

After Show: Giving out “From the Inside” Books and Giftbags

2 thoughts on “Fan Review: A Tour of LPU Headquarters and Linkin Park’s Secret Show For Japan”

  1. Hey, awesome review! It looks like it was a blast! wish I could gave gobe but live in Pennsylvania. I was gonna ask you though because I love LP so much, I collect alot of their merchandise and wanted to know if you had like a poster from the show or little things from it or anything really that you wouldn’t mind like giving or trading or something. So let me know please! I have twitter: Alex21_LP
    Thanks!!! And again nice post 🙂

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