I need your feedback: What do you think about the “Fan Reviews”?

When Linkin Park went on their European Summer Tour this year, I started to post fan reviews of LP fans who went to the concerts. Now I want to ask my readers what you thought about this. Were the reviews interesting and should I post them again, when Linkin Park go on their Asia Tour in a few months? Or do you think one or two reviews would’ve been enough instead of posting reviews of almost every show. Maybe you even hated them, because they were boring or because you aren’t a Linkin Park fan. Do you want to read concert reviews of other artists, too? If yes, who? Would you write a review, too? It’s time to give me some feedback so vote now and comment if you want to explain your vote some more.
You have 3 answers, so if you liked the fan reviews, want reviews from other artists, too, and would write one, you can check the 3 boxes.

Read the fan reviews:

Linkin Park in Leipzig
Linkin Park in Hamburg 1
Linkin Park in Hamburg 2
Linkin Park in Moscow
Linkin Park in Italy 1
Linkin Park in Italy 2
30 Seconds to Mars in Athens

2 thoughts on “I need your feedback: What do you think about the “Fan Reviews”?”

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