Got something to say? Guest blog on AdieK84’s Blog!

Since all those fan rewievs of the past Linkin Park shows were so great, I thought it was time to let you guys blog here some more!

If you’re interested in writing a guest blog just shoot me a tweet or send me a message on Facebook or via Email (for contact details see sidebar).

Here are some examples of topics you could write about:

– reviews of CDs, concerts, movies, TV series, art shows, events etc.
– your opinion on political, historical, educational, environmental, social, cultural etc. topics (e.g. Is Nuclear Power really necessary, Financial crisis in Greece, Ai Weiwei in prison, Violence in schools, etc.). The topics are really endless, and depend on whatever you’re concerned with/interested in.
– Introduce/Talk about your organisation/project/work etc. e.g. you work for a great relief organisation, you work in a huge museum, you work in a nursing home, you’re a mid-wife, you work on an interesting project for your Chemistry class, etc….
– Talk about things that happened to you e.g. you’re being mobbed at school, you just helped someone who had an accident, you just met your idol, etc.

As you can see the topics are really unlimited and I bet everyone of you has an interesting story to tell!

– blog post must be in English (will be spell checked by me, so don’t worry if your English is not that great)

Send your blog post to

Don’t be shy, I can’t wait to read your articles!

Here are some links that might help:

How to write a blog post

Linkin Park fan reviews:

Fan Review: Wisdom, Justice and Love In Moscow

Fan Review: Ba’s M&G and Concert at Sonisphere, Italy

My life as undocumented immigrant

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