Fan Review: Ba’s M&G and Concert at Sonisphere, Italy

And finally, June 26, 2011 is here! After many months of waiting, finally my dream came true! Nothing could prepare me for an experience so magical.

After a very hot afternoon, finally comes the moment of the M & G. How
exciting. Here they are ….
I shake everyone’s hand and, in my English a little ‘low, I try to say
something. I remain enchanted in front of the blue eyes of Phoenix and ask him if he likes Italy.
He says “Yes” and added he would like to return, but on vacation! Damn.
Italian fans are so passionate . Why not come to Italy more often??
With Joe I exchange a “Ciao” and then I am in front of my idol, Mike!
I ask him to devote the autograph to “BA” and he said “Just BA? That’s the shortest name I’ve ever heard”
And I explain him that it stands for Barbara. and so all my plans to tell him many things disappear in the emotion.

After the group photo, we go outside for the concert.
I do not know, maybe because it was my first concert LP, but for me it was fantastic, exciting, unique! A great show. An hour and a half without interruption. Chester and Mike were fit, energetic, engaging.
The lineup was amazing. Beginning with Faint, my favorite song.
In short, I’m not good at describing certain emotions, but it was really

I hope they will come back soon to Italy. We miss them immensely.
Linkin Park were so amazing. Italy loves you. Bà loves you. Madly!


01. The Requiem

02. Faint

03. Lying From You

04. Given Up

05. What I’ve Done

06. No More Sorrow

07. From The Inside

08. Jornada Del Muerto

09. Waiting For The End

10. Numb

11. The Radiance

12. Iridescent

13. The Catalyst

14. In The End

15. Bleed It Out (A Place For My Head sul bridge)

16. Empty Spaces

17. When They Come For Me

18. Papercut

19. New Divide

20. Crawling

21. One Step Closer

Here are Ba’s pictures from the M&G and some more from Sonisphere’s Facebook, including pics of MCR, Guano Apes, Sum 41, etc.

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