Invited By Mike Shinoda Himself: Fan Review By LPfan1989 (Hamburg)


Concert Review Linkin Park LPU Summit Hamburg + Concert on June 21, 2011

By LPfan1989

Translated by Adiek84 in a rush, so beware stupid mistakes!

And again I am writing a review for Adiek84´s Blog ^^

We started our journey to Hamburg at 6 am, the drive was calm and fast, and still we took 4 hours to get to Hamburg, because of many breaks.
At 10:15, me and my friend waited at the E2 entrance of the O2 World Arena Hamburg, where I saw a few
familiar faces of fans I’ve already met in Leipzig, like BlackChester for example.
We actually had to use a different entrance, where we than had to stand in line and wait another 30 minutes. During this time, Adam (LPU) came outside and explained the schedule of the Summit.
Then the Check-in started. It was possible to get tickets at the box office, but not for me, as I needed wheelchair space. Little did I know what was about to happen that evening.
My friend and I were welcomed warmly by Adam and I thanked him again that I was allowed to bring a person to help me with the wheelchair. We got our Summit Passes with a red dot on it (because we didn’t have a ticket for the concert later that night). After that we were examined by the staff and then went to the elevator. After a little detour to the ground floor, we found someone from the staff who showed us the right way (he led us through the kitchen). So we arrived at the chill out area (how I call it).
There we got beverages and something to eat, so that we could have lunch first.

Raffle, Auction and backstage tour with Pooch
Then we said hello to Hugo, whom we already met in Leipzig, a really cool guy! There we got some raffle tickets (Cory was in charge of the lots) and the ribbon for a backstage tour with Pooch (sound engineer). The auction took about 1 ½ hours, but I didn’t have enough money to bid on anything. My friend tried to get the skate deck, but wasn’t successful. Someone bought it for 250 Euro.
After that, the winning numbers of the raffle were hung up, and I’ve realized that I only had blanks. About 20 minutes later, a nice guy came to me and gave me all his raffle tickets with the words: „You can have them, I have a backstage pass.“. I was really thankful and discovered that a Backstage Tour with Mike was among them, which made me really happy. I pocketed my ticket and went to the backstage tour with Pooch. This was really funny and informative. When we reached the wardrobes, we had to leave, as the guys seemed to be rehearsing already.

M&G, Q&A and Acoustic Session
After the first backstage tour and many videos and pictures of the stage and the setting, we took a seat in front of the stage where the meet and greet, Q&A, as well as the acoustic session were about to happen. First we had to wait for the guys at least another hour. They were welcomed with a huge applause, took a seat and the M&G/signing marathon started. My friend and I were one of the last people and the guys recognized us from Leipzig and were happy to see us again. Chester directly told my friend that he was so much calmer than the last time in Leipzig. Then the fans with the red dots on their passes had to wait in a different line and I didn’t understand that at all and always asked, why that was, but no one answered me.

After what felt like an eternity (probably about 45 minutes) we were allowed to join the others again. My friend and I looked for some space in the front and then the Q&A session began. The guys were in a really good mood and made some jokes. After all questions were answered, the acoustic session started, which was so amazing! Rolling in the deep by Adele sung by Chester was just heavenly. During The Messenger we joined Chester in the middle of the song and sang with him. Yes, I can’t sing, but I still sang with him.
In between we also made a group picture, and the the summit part was over.

Backstage tour with Mike
Finally the backstage tour with Mike started. For me this meant another fight, because somehow I must have overlooked to get a blue dot from someone (blue dot= backstage tour with Mike), but I still had my lot and went to a woman (I don’t remember her name) and discussed with her in English that i had the lot and she asked someone about it and I also went to Cory. My friend and I were then allowed to participate in the backstage tour.
We were led to a room behind the stage and waited there for Mike. In the meanwhile, we talked to a woman and I’ve told her that I’m in the LPU only since May 2011 and everyone was asked how long they were a LPU member.

After about 15 minutes, Mike arrived. He asked us what we wanted to see, but I think no one actually said a thing and he just started the tour. We visited the whole backstage area and Mike explained everything in detail, with me following him all the time.^^ Then, we visited Phoenix who did the LPU Chat and said „hi“. Then Mike explained about a few rooms and we visited Chester who was sitting on a couch and played the guitar a bit. We said „hi“ and left again.
After that we went to the area behind the stage, where the band do their hugging thing and some last words before show stuff.

This is where the backstage tour ended and Mike asked if anyone had questions and after they were answered, I thanked for the great day and told him that I drove 4 hours to Hamburg just for the summit, and he asked if I didn’t have a ticket, I answered „no“ and he was like: “you’ll get one“, and me:“ Mike, wait a minute, I gotta phone my parents, they are waiting outside.“ and he asked if they were two persons and I replied „yes“.
He said, that they can come in, too. And this is how Mike invited my parents, my friend and I to the concert.
As you can hear in the video, I was totally gobsmacked. I called my parents and told them what happened and they were shocked! Mike patted my shoulder and left. Cory took care of the whole thing.

The concert
My parents were to be let in through the entrance E2 and my friend went with Cory to look for them. They were examined and allowed in afterwards. They were totally knackered, also because they had waited for 5 hours outside. I had to play translator, as my parents don’t speak English. We were led to the backstage area (catering for the crew) and there we could eat something, but it was a bit difficult as we had problems eating something after this shock. Cory then told us that we would be led to our seats at 7pm and gave us all a „MS Guest“ sticker. There we spent an amazing evening, and I’ve never been as sweaty after a concert as after this one. It was the same set list that was played in Leipzig, but the atmosphere was so much more amazing!

I want to thank everyone, first and foremost Mike Shinoda, who made this day unforgettable, as well as Cory and Hugo, who took care of us. Also I want to thank my parents especially, without whom I could have never gone to the LP concerts or even the Summit.
Thank you very very much!

Adie Note: Thanks to LPfan1989 for another great review! I’m so stoked for everything that happened to you that day. You had a lucky streak!

Stay tuned, everyone, there will be another review of the summit and concert in Hamburg online soon by none other than Mike Shinoda Clan’s chef translator Tensh_iie! Can’t wait to read her review!

First though, here are all pictures in a slide show and the video LPfan1989 talked about. It shows Mike answering some questions and then inviting her to the concert. Everyone who publishes the pictures somewhere else without crediting will die an awful, long and bloody death!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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