Fan Review: Linkin Park Project Revolution in Leipzig + M&G

Concert Review Linkin Park Project Revolution 

Festwiese, Leipzig + M&G on
June 18, 2011

By LPfan1989

Arriving at the Venue
At 11 am I made my way to Leipzig and the drive was so uneventful and relaxed that we arrived at the venue at 2.30pm already.
My buddy and me, who was also my official assistant, because I’m sitting in a wheelchair, had a little break first, but then went to the entrance. First we went to the wrong one, which was closed (we weren’t the only ones doing this), so we had to walk back again to the other entrance.
After it started to rain so hard that we had to find shelter first, we asked the staff at the box office for information on the M&G and wheelchair space. They told me some totally wrong information, saying that the meeting place for the M&G was the box office, when we found out later that it was the bell tower.
When we went through the entrance our stuff was examined by the staff there and they took two water bottles (from four) and my snap light sticks, and I had to open the mailing tube that contained my poster cause I could’ve hidden anything in there.

The rest of the review, pictures, videos and live tweets after the click >>>

When we were finished there finally, we first went to the Music for Relief booth where we met Black Chester (known for his great website as well as Chasy_Shinizzle. We bought some Music for Relief-scarves, donated a bit and made a picture. It was really awesome to meet those two personally!

Then we went to the Plateau for wheelchairs, which was in the middle of the meadow and I was really lucky that it didn’t rain all the time, cause otherwise I would’ve sunken in with my wheelchair. It also had only one toilet for wheelchair users and I could hardly move in there because it was so tight.
I’ve asked two women from the staff right away for M&G meeting place and showed them my email and they said, that they had to check that first. They were really nice. We also befriended the other wheelchair users on the plateau right away and chatted with them.

The Opening Acts

At 5pm the show finally started with the first opening act Middle Class Rut. They definitely rocked and I really liked them. After they’ve played four songs, the stage was already being prepared for the next band Anberlin and Dredg after them.
Unfortunately I’ve only seen two songs of Guano Apes cause I had to be at the M&G meeting point.
There, me and my friend waited there for about an hour, but I wanted to be there rather sooner than later.

The Meet & Greet
At 7.20pm our ID’s were checked and we got our passes. My friend was allowed to accompany me, after a nice woman called Carry gave her okay. After another 20 minutes we were led to the Arena Leipzig into a hall, where a table stood and a Linkin Park A-Board. The staff then told us how to behave during the M&G. We were only allowed to make pictures after the band was done with signing our stuff (I brought the Clockwork poster of Linkin Park, that will be framed and put on my wall soon^^). They also told us to not be afraid and talk with the band. Phoenix and Brad even walked on by and said „Hi“.

As my friend and I were one of the last, we couldn’t make any pictures, but that didn’t ruin our mood.
First, I talked to Joe, who was really nice and kind of shy, unfortunately I didn’t understand what he said to me. Then came Chester, a real nice guy, who asked me how I was and I’ve thanked him and Mike for their music and told them that they gave me a lot of strength. Chester thanked me and said that this evening will be a great show. He was right with that!^^
My friend was so nervous and breathed so heavily, that Chester told him to calm down and to breathe in and out through his nose, that was so hilarious! (I had to translate, cause my friend doesn’t speak English). Then he gave my friend high 5. The day was amazing for both of us.

Mike asked me where I was from, and I replied that I’m from Germany and that we’d meet again in Hamburg, which pleased him.
Then came Brad and Rob and I wanted to tell Rob that I play the drums a bit, but somehow the words didn’t come out right and he didn’t really understand me. All of them asked my how I was feeling. ^^
Eventually came Phoenix, but he was a bit distracted, because he was still talking to someone else. I asked him how he way, kinda stupid, but sometimes you don’t manage anything else. I’ve shaken hands with all of them and that was so awesome!
In the end, we made a Meet&Greet picture and Mike came back again, because someone wanted a picture and everyone jumped him to be on the picture, too.

The Concert
After the Meet & Greet we were led back to the venue and the meadow was so uneven that I would have had problems moving forwards if I didn’t have had an assistant.
Despite the M&G we got a great position on the wheelchair plateau and only had to wait another 20 minutes for Linkin Park’s show, which started at 9pm.
It was epic!!! The guys were full of energy and the set list was the best they’ve ever had and the atmosphere was amazing!

With Blackout, Lying from you, and Burning in the Skies in the set list, as well as the M&G, my friend and I were probably two of the happiest people this day.

Here are some pictures by LPfan1989, LPA User Patty Mayonnaise and ErbseLP. If you made some from the show in Leipzig, please send them to me and they’ll be included in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ErbseLP also uploaded great videos of “Breaking the Habit” and “Waiting for the End” on her YouTube channel!


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