Good Boy of the Day: As you may have heard by now, a lone Dog of War was among the 79 Navy SEALs involved in Operation Neptune Spear (AKA Operation Kill Bin Laden), but what you may not have heard is that this bomb-sniffing K9 likely had body-armor-piercing titanium teeth that cost $2000 a tooth to install.

“It’s just devastating what these teeth do when they get into someone,” former US military dog trainer Alex Dunbar told The Daily. “It’s like being stabbed four times at once with a bone crusher.”

“SEALs are the deadliest fighting force on the planet,” former SEAL sniper Brandon Tyler Webb is quoted as saying, “and you better believe those dogs are the same.”

Below: A titanium-toothed police dog

[fp / @mikenizza / image: thedaily.]

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