OPENING TODAY>>>D*Face: Going Nowhere Fast


London based street artist D*Face announced that he is going to pay LA a little visit to work on some projects:

The winter months and grey, grey short days have been kept busy harvesting creatures, painting pictures, approaching new themes and reoccurring dreams… and as Spring approaches it’s time to unveil this new body of work… I’m pleased to announce my solo show at Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City. LA. April 9th.

If thats not enough May 6th will see the opening of a group installation show and British Invasion, myself, Word To Mother, Will Barras and The London Police are working with LA artist Mear One and 3 other US artists to create a Temporary Metropolis… yeah even I’m not sure what thats going to look like…

If this isn’t enough I hear LA has some pretty good sun… might be worth a visit.

All the pest,


Arrested Motion has some more information about “Going Nowhere Fast”:

For this new body of work entitled Going Nowhere Fast, D will be immortalizing the deaths of America’s most illustrious icons from Andy Warhol to Michael Jackson with paintings, sculptures and installations. On display as well will be a series of works – Flutterdies – fashioned from butterflies and insects combined with spray can caps that he has collected over the years.

Also check out an amazing interview AM did with D*Face in 2009 here! has the details of “Temporary Metropolis”:

Just announced…D*FACE & MEAR ONE are doing a massive show together in Downtown LA in May 2011…basically, they will have 25,000 sq. feet of space with HUGE ceilings to have some real fun with…

Friday, May 6, 2011 at 7:00pm – Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 7:30am

LA MART (entire 2nd floor)
Los Angeles, CA

Show Info (from LA Art Machine/Bryson Strauss):

In May 2011, BritWeek, in collaboration with the L.A. ART MACHINE (LAAM), will produce a landmark, large-scale, museum-quality art installation by world-renown artists MEAR ONE (USA) and D*FACE (UK). This exhibition will be the centerpiece of the entire BritWeek Contemporary Art Program and will run approximately two weeks at L.A. MART second floor exhibition hall.

Utilizing approximately 25,000 square-feet, BritWeek & LAAM will
encourage the artists to entertain an entire range of expression, employing any media that fits the artists’ concept (i.e. sculpture,
digital media, paintings, prints, performance, etc.) The overarching
theme, which may be interpreted loosely, is the U.S.-British experience and whatever that may mean to the artists.

In addition, D*FACE and MEAER ONE will commandeer chair sculpture in the parking lot of the L.A. MART as a special project piece for the artists to embellish, paint, and post. This outdoor sculpture may remain in perpetuity as a gift from BritWeek to Los Angeles and an internationally-recognized symbol of the L.A. MART.

I strongly recommend to check that out if you’re in the area, D*Face’s art is pretty sick!

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