Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda!

Linkin Park’s mastermind (I love that word) Mike Shinoda is celebrating his 34th birthday today!
Yes, he’s that old! You wouldn’t believe it if you’d see him jumping around on stage with his purple sunglasses! Maybe he’ll write us a blog post with his anti-age secrets e.g drink only pure spring water, solve ten Sudoku puzzles a day, Botox etc. !
Now that you know it’s his birthday you must be asking yourself what kind of present you could give to him. Well, fortunately I’ve recently rummaged through the Shinoda’s garbage and found Mike’s wish list!
As an exclusive of AdieK84’s Blog I’am so nice to post his 10 wishes here:

1. New sunglasses (preferably purple or blue)
2. Shirt (plaid)
3. Starbucks lifetime Gift Card
4. Real laser gun
5. Gloves matching the winter hat
6. Duet with Justin Bieber (“Baby” or “Somebody to Love”)
7. Special performance of the “Double Dream Hands” guy on my B-Day party
8. Law that forbids amtrak to sell turkey meatloaf
9. A haircut
10. 10.000 liter fish tank with my own sushi cook

So go ahead and send Mike all this stuff! His adress is:

Michael Kenji Shinoda
Los Angeles, California

My package is already on the way (I made Justin Bieber dance the “Double Dream Hands” Dance)! If you don’t have the time to send him something you could try to make #HappyBDayMikeShinoda a trending topic on Twitter!

We made it! In Brazil at least:

To celebrate the awesome existance of the HOLY SHINODA here are some really nice images that depict Mike’s evolution!

1st stage


3rd stage








Pictures found at MSC & LPA

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