Why Your State Sucks: The Great American Map of Fail


Let’s face it, we totally judge people based on where they’re from. Here’s your handy cheat sheet to each state’s worst quality.

There’s no shortage of derogatory comments about some states, such as New Jersey or Florida, but have you gotten tongue-tied when meeting someone from North Dakota? Well, this map is your key to a proper comeback – and according to a Daily Beast poll, the Peace Garden State has the ugliest people. It’s a little known, yet “scientifically proven” zinger that’s might make a few North Dakotan enemies.

Each of the nifty fifty ranks last in something, though some milestones certainly outweigh the others. Some accolades are tame and actually quite bland. Ohio is the nerdiest state, and Iowa has the oldest residents – words that would cause nary a reaction when thrown out in a verbal spar.

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